Landscape Photography

Every time I venture out I look forward to the challenge of capturing the raw emotion inside when I'm faced
with the shear beauty of the world we live in. Whether it is the exposure of a steep ridge at 4000 metres, the
tranquility of large sweeping vistas or the secretive world of the local wildlife I can't help but feel lucky to be there
and my landscape photography helps me to remember those magical moments.If I can look back at a photograph of a mountain or
landscape and remember what it felt like to be there then I can say the photograph really works for me.

Mountain Photography

My wife Rebecca and I both have a deep love for the mountains and photography and spend a lot of time in Scotland,
The Lake District and The Alps. We are both keen climbers and mountain bike riders. This mixed with my background in
commercial illustration inspired me to try and capture these moments in print and to share them with you.
The complete tranquility of being sat outside in a beautiful landscape, waiting for the perfect time to take what you
hope to be the perfect landscape photograph is something very special. However, while I love Landscape Photography it will
always come second to the real thing, the mountains will always come first!

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